Music Fusion Festival

Stockholm, Sweden. August 12th 2018

Music Fusion collection an initiative to bring together artists from different part of the world to meet, shares and fuse their talents on stage. This initiative started in 2015 with an open stage where musicians from all over the world were welcomed to demonstrate their individual talents and to show their tradition and culture. The main project leader, André Nobre told us that they invited musicians from amateur to professionals’ irrespective of their countries of origin. Their main idea he said was to promote the interaction of these musicians who came from different cultures; helping them create musical project that can fuse diverse cultures at the same time bringing people to enjoy these cultural diversities.

The event (Music Fusion) became so popular and many more musicians in Stockholm became interested in participating. They (the organizers) thought of putting together all these amazeball artists who had been performing during the Music Fusion collection in one stage. This became something that engrossed the interest of some organizations, other arts and craft persons who wanted to show their creativity. The event became what André called Music Fusion Festival.

Music Fusion Festival

The first edition of Music Fusion Festival took place on the 12th of August at a picturesque Vinterviken Trädgård in Stockholm. The festival, which was basically an extension of music fusion collection brought together on the same stage, artists from more than 15 countries. They (the artists) showcased their respective cultures and traditional music. Hundreds of music lovers from around the world visited the venue to enjoy these cultural diversity and musicians drawn from different continents. Some Swedish based African artists also participated in different domains during the festival. They were:

NETO AMADO (São Tomé and Principe).Photo on the left

Originally from São Tomé and Principe was also one of the African artists who performed during the festival. He also had band members drawn from different parts of Africa and Sweden.

Amado has lived in the US, Portugal and Cuba. With these diverse cultures, his songs during the festival were one that the crowd could not resist dancing. His tropical songs with the popular kizomba influenced pulled the crowd to the dancing floor. Amado was very confident during his segment of the festival.

Marius Billgobenson (Congo). Photo on the right

A guitarist originally from Congo participated during the festival with a different genre of music, Jazz.

With his experience, Marius combined his natural voice with his jazz instruments to produce a roaring sound which caught everyone’s attention during the festival.

Ebo Krdum and the Genuine Mezziga Band (Sudan)

The band leader, lead singer and soul-founder, Ebo Krdum is originally from Western Sudan. His band also participated during the festival. Ebo’s music is on that is unique and tend to epitomize the culture of Dafor, Sudan and also the entire African continent. He plays blues, Afro beats and blends his music with storytelling to actively involve his audience to what he sings about.

Ebo and his band Genuine Mezziga performance was breathtaking. His voice and the messages he was passing through all related to peace, freedom love equality, and Joy.

As the lead singer, he sang during the festival his native language with his talented band members drown from both Africa and Sweden. Apart from the festival, Ebo sings in English, Swedish, Darfuri-Arabic, Daju, Fur and Barnou.

Hodi Maputo Afro Swing (Mozambique)

Hodi Maputo Afro Swing all the way from Mozambique also had the opportunity to participate during the festival.

Fortunately, the group was on their 2018 world tour and happened to be in Stockholm. The group, made up of young talented singers used their vocals and a special male dominated chorography with the South African dance style to entertain the audience.

Their dance style was unique and a culture which many people never says before.   


Victor Mukeng (Congo)

Victor originally from Congo is an experienced painter. He attended the event with all his work equipments.

During the festival, Victor had a small workshop inspiring some people who were interested in painting to be creative.

He also did transform one participant’s pant while the musical concert was going on. This gave the festival a more picture of arts work from within.

Arts, crafts and paintings

Joleene Atieno Pieno (Kenya)

Joleene, a Kenyan born artist who also lives in Stockholm came to the festival to exhibit her paintings and crafts she did. Joleene told us that she started all the paintings and crafts as a hobby and latter realized that she could do even more.

She told us that all the materials she uses are waste materials that she recycles them to produce the different crafts.


Melange, a series of ‘thematic nights’ is basically an extension from Music Fusion Collection. The project aims at providing more opportunities for talented musicians based or visiting Stockholm to actively have regular gigs, get support and network. Each night as André told us is about creating a different music journey for the artists. For this reasons he said they have invited some renowned and talented artists, event organizers who will regularly visit the venue (The Big Ben Pub, Folkungagatan 97) to collaborate with some of the invited artists.

The events will not only be for the listening and dancing pleasure for the guests but as André said will also give an opportunity to the public to actively take part during the performances in the form of workshops with dance, percussion, song writing, improvisation that will connect them with the live music shows.

Melange Premiere

“Konsert Ndiadie” with Mamadou Sene

The very first artist who will commence the project will be Mamadou Sene. Mamadou is a famous artist, song writer and a composer. Originally from Senegal, Mamadou is one of Sweden’s renowned musicians. He is also well-known for his lovely entertaining character.  Mamadou has an expressive voice in combination with the stories he tells during his concerts. He sings in Fulani, Wolof and in Swedish.

Apart from Mamadou, there are also nights dedicated to African artists to show the diversity of traditional African cultural music. The artists will also provide the opportunity for the audience to learn how to sing and dance African music. Amongst the selected artists who will be playing at the venue are

// September 15th //

Genuine Mezziga

“Klubb Mezziga” + Wakili Band

Ebo, is the soul-founder of Genuine Mezziga Band, based in Stockholm.

//September 29th //

Celso Paco & David Bäck

“MELANGE World Music Culture Club”

André Nobre on the photo, first from left has been the project leader of Music Fusion Collection and the festival. He is also the Project leader of Melange. André has the love for diversity and has played with many African musicians.

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