We organize seminars and conferences based on our themes.

Invite experts to our seminars to do some presentations about Africa and to share their experiences doing research on Africa



We cover events, organized by any African organization, that will be of interest to our audience.

We cover events that we are invited to, provided it will have a positive impact on our network.



We publish the content of the events we cover here,

We also offer the possibilities to produce material digitally on DVDs and such

We will also present these events in our news segments


Upon request we also do:



Music videos and clips,

Live music recordings.

What we do

News published on our network is generated from a variety of sources, such as events or seminars organized by us, or those on which we are invited to  provide coverage. A selection of the main points play a key role in the content displayed here. This is to ensure optimum quality, fairness, objectivity, and above all, neutrality in our reports. In connection with our ambition to expand the AI-TV network, we will also provide you with material obtained from other reliable and professional correspondents from outside Sweden.

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